Philippines: Part V - Hobby-and-Interest Photo Gallery

There are four (4) major topics in this section, namely: "Christmas in the Philippines," "Conservation,"  "Flowers of the Philippines" and "Tours and Sightseeing in the Philippines"


Christmas in the Philippines


Mammals: Four Kinds of Philippine Birds

Brahminy Kite,  Crested-Serpent Eagle,

Philippine Sea Eagle and Philippine Eagle


Mammals: Hoofed Animals and Primates

Carabao,  Long-Tailed Macaque,

Philippine Brown Deer and Tarsier

Flowers of the Philippines

First Group


Bird of Paradise



Second Group

Dona Aurora

Dona Evangelina

Third Group



San Francisco

Tours and Sightseeing in the Philippines

City Tour: Manila

Links to Philippines, 1st Edition

 Hearts Philippines

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