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This section deals with three kinds of topic, namely: faith expression, philately or stamp collecting and places. The items on faith expression are personal expressions of my little angel Gabby as well as my own way of expressing my religious beliefs.

Faith Expression

Gabby's Faith Expressions

This is my little angel Gabby's faith expressions from her per-school years up to the time she completed her elementary education. The contents include: Faith Expression and A Child's Art Works, JESUS & I, Letters to Jesus, LOVE VERSES and The Bible.

Alex's Faith Expression - WORDS for your PSYCHE - Part I: A Faith Expression of Bible Verses

This is my (Uncle Alex) faith expression which contains Scripture or Bible verses. Many are well-known and often quoted. Many, too, are favorite passages and have served as inspirations. Some are used in liturgical rites and worship services and other forms of services as well as in important Christian and religious events. Some have been used as lyrics in songs and as themes in arts and literature. Others are admonitions and prohibitions. And still many others are used in prayer and meditation. These selected Bible verses as well as the Suggested Bible Readings are provided since it is my intention that readers will develop the habit of reading the Bible, discover Christ, and learn to love and enjoy the Word of God.

Philately / Stamp Collecting

Acknowledgement: Some Philatelic Items on Display, Courtesy of My Little Angel, Gabby  /   Photos: Taken by Alex Moises   /   Important Notice: When necessary, use the computer's scroll to go up or down in order to see the entire image. When necessary, too, adjust your laptops and computers if the images you see are too light or too dark.

Philately: Philippines


Philippine Postage Issues 1946-1965, Text Description







Ancient City of Athens in Greece

"The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece)." (Creative Commons Text and Photos, Courtesy of Kevin T. Glowacki)


Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden

These are three countries found in the continent of Europe. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse which is located in Central Europe, Luxembourg is a rich, tiny state and Sweden is a Scandinavian country known for its high standard of living.


Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's natural wonders and it is found in Arizona, USA. (Photo Gallery of Grand Canyon, Courtesy of Rene Moises, a Filipino and Born-Again Christian Pastor)



The state of Israel is a Jewish state located in the desert region of the Middle East. (Creative Commons Photos, Courtesy of Free Israel Photos Website)

Sagada, Mountain Province

This place is located in the northern part of Luzon island of the Philippines, and it is known for its scenic mountain views, hanging coffins, hiking trails and caves. (Sagada Photos, Courtesy of Alyssa Karla M. Fadera, a Filipino Professional Photographer)



The city-state of Singapore is a Southeast Asian nation and a First-World country that is peaceful and clean and green.

Subic, Philippines

It is an economic freeport zone known for its clean and green environment and tourist attractions. It is located in Central Luzon.


The United States of America, or simply America, is the world’s richest and most powerful nation in the world today, and a melting pot of races, cultures and languages. It is also home to such natural wonders as the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls and to such cities as New York, Cleveland, St. Louis, Topeka, Little Rock, San Antonio, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


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