Selected Topics

This sub-section deals with three kinds of topic, namely: faith expression, philately or stamp collecting and places. The items on faith expression are personal expressions of my little angel Gabby as well as my own way of expressing my religious beliefs.

Faith Expression

Series Collections of Gabby's Faith Expressions: Faith Expression and A Child's Art Works, JESUS & I,  and  LOVE VERSES

Alex's Faith Expression: WORDS for your PSYCHE



Angels                    Beatitudes                    Bible                    Children                    Christmas

Commandments   Faith                              Gifts                    God                            Jesus

Joy                          Love 

Philately / Stamp Collecting

Aviation on Stamps             Birds on Stamps               Christmas on Stamps        Dogs on Stamps

Fish and Sea Animals on Stamps


Acknowledgement: Some Philatelic Items on Display, Courtesy of My Litlle Angel, Gabby  /   Photos: Taken by Alex Moises   /   Important Notice: When necessary, use the computer's scroll to go up or down in order to see the entire image. When necessary, too, adjust your laptops and computers if the images you see are too light or too dark.


Ancient City of Athens

"The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece)." (Creative Commons Text and Photos, Courtesy of Kevin T. Glowacki)


Grand Canyon

"The Grand Canyon is one of the world's natural wonders and it is found in Arizona, USA." (Grand Canyon Photos, Courtesy of Rene Moises, a Filipino and Born-Again Christian Pastor)



The state of Israel is a Jewish state located in the desert region of the Middle East. (Creative Commons Photos, Courtesy of Free Israel Photos Website)

Niagara Falls

It is the most famous waterfalls in North America and it forms part of the international border between the United States of America and Canada.

(Niagara Falls Photos, Courtesy of Rene Moises, a Filipino and Born-Again Christian Pastor)


Sagada, Mountain Province

This place is located in the northern part of Luzon island of the Philippines, and it is known for its scenic mountain views, hanging coffins, hiking trails and caves. (Sagada Photos, Courtesy of Alyssa Karla M. Fadera, a Filipino Professional Photographer)


Various Selected Countries

First Group: Brazil - Rio de Janeiro / Japan - Tokyo / U.S.A. - Statue of Liberty, Chicago, Disneyland in Florida, Grand Canyon, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, Utah and Yosemite National Park 

Second Group: Australia - Sydney  and Germany - Berlin, Dortmund and Heidelberg / LuxembourgMalaysia - Kuala Lumpur,  and Sweden / Sweden - Stockholm, Tyreso Castle and tyreso Strand


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