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General Content - This website is for general patronage and all the items on the site are for wholesome reading and viewing. It deals with the Philippines and it is a good source of information about this tropical country in Southeast Asia. Some other topics are found on this website. Use the "Home Extension" link as well as other links located on this page to learn about these topics.


Dedication - This website is dedicated to my little angel, Gabby, who is a source of inspiration and an active contributor to the website.


Philippines: Part I


This section serves as an introduction to one of the main topics of the website: the Philippines. It contains basic information on government, socio-political structure, languages and dialects. It also contains information on the geographic location and natural resources of the Philippines as well as the regions, provinces and cities of the country and general information.


Philippines: Part II


This section gives: information on some prominent Filipinos (past and present); substantial data on Philippine heroes and heroines; lots of interesting information on Filipino culture like national symbols and holidays, Filipino culture on stamps, useful Filipino words and phrases, Filipino greetings, proverbs and sayings; and background information on Philippine education.


Philippines: Part III


This section contains text and photo documents on the Philippines.


Philippines: Part IV


This is one of the two photo gallery sections of the website and it provides many photos of regions, provinces, cities and other places of the Philippines, and it has three parts: Philippine Places A-E, Philippine Places F-Q, and Philippine Places R-Z. The third part contains a substantial listing of photos of Philippine places.


Philippines: Part V


This is the second photo gallery of the website and it contains photographic displays of Christmas in the Philippines, Philippine flowers and plants like gumamela or hibiscusBougainvillea spectabilis and santan, and conservation and tours.


Philippines: Part VI


Part VI of the website provides additional information on the Philippines and these include country profile, conservation notes, Jose Rizal articles and photos, Philippine philately and many other topics. The country profile gives a short but concise description about the Philippines: its official name, government, languages, major cities,  geographic divisions, seasons and climate, national symbols, heroes and heroines, prominent Filipinos,  national artists and famous athletes, popular sports, religion, dishes,   fruits, flowers, animals, mountains and volcanoes.


Other items in the profile are: regions, provinces and capitals plus mapsbooks by Filipino authors, cultural notesevent in the Philippines and personal event, and "Some People, Some Places and Some Things Philippines."


Occasionally, this section serves as a blog for the author-organizer.


Philippines: Part VII


Part VII of the website contains information on the inspiration behind the making of this website, thank you notes and the reference materials used in making this website.

Philippine Education & Things Educational

Home Extension

The "Home Extension" is a main part of the website that contains various topics not falling under the "Philippines" category. These topics include lists of books and reference materials, general psychology study guide and reviewer, external linksselected topics such as faith expression,  topical stamp collecting and places, and selected personal writings.

Faith Expression

About: Author-Organizer Section

This section provides information about the author-organizer and it contains his photos, his little angel's photos and art works, and his greetings and messages as well as the copyright notice of the website.

AN INVITATION:  Come and visit the Philippines. See its beautiful sights, tastes its delightful food and learn its fascinating culture. Discover the seldom talked-about but genuine hospitality and kindness of the Filipino people. Come and discover this tropical country of more than 7,100 islands!

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