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Background Information


Basic Info: Filipino, Located in the Philippines, Male

Education: M.A. Education (Completed Required Units); B.S. Psychology


Interests (Self-Study): Child Care and Education, Conservation and Environment, Home and Garden Improvement, Philippines, Psychology and Education, Stamp Collecting particularly Topical and Thematic Stamp Collecting, Sports, Travel and Walking


Current Interests and Activities: Pre-school Tutorial, Research on the Philippines and Stamp Collecting plus a Few Other Interests and Endeavors





Gabby “Little Angel” Moises


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Personal Photos

(Left) With My Inspiration, Gabby / (Right) Photo of Me by My Inspiration
(Left) With My Inspiration, Gabby / (Right) Photo of Me by My Inspiration

Pictures of Alex Moises and Other Things Taken by My Little Angel, Gabby




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Personal Websites


My Philippines (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ph77)

This is a photo website located at flickr.com and it contains photos of Philippine heroes and heroines.


Philippine Stamps & Topical Collecting (http://alexmoises.tripod.com)

This is the "Philatelic Website for Philippine Stamps and Topical and Thematic Stamp Collecting."


Alex Moises on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/alexmoises77)

This is a new website and my "social networking site" on facebook, and it contains a lot of photos about the Philippines.


Hearts Philippines & Then Some (http://philippines-atbp.jimdo.com)

This is the "Website for the Philippines."









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