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Introduction, Geography and Resources, Places and General Information, and Additional Information; Filipinos, Philippine Heroes and Heroines, Filipino Culture and Philippine Education / Text and Photo Blog Documents, Photo Gallery, Country Profile, and Inspiration, Acknowledgement and References

My Blog, My Philippines

Table of Contents


Part I



Location and Physical Description


Socio-Political Structure

Languages and Dialects / Language Info


Geography and Natural Resources

Geography, Natural Resources, Seasons and Climate

  Seasons and Climate

  Some Conservation Program

  Animal Info

Philippine Geography

  Info: National Territory of the Philippines as Stated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution

Natural Resources and Biological Diversity

  Major Lakes

  Marine-Aquatic-and-Inland-Waters-Resources and Incidence of Poverty

  Mineral Resources

  Eco-Tourism Sites in the Philippines

  Protected Areas in the Major Island Groups

  Narra Tree Info

List of Some Endemic Birds of The Philippines


Places and General Information  (A)  and  (B)


  Metro Manila’s Top Cities

Metro Manila

(Places and General Information B)

Regions, Provinces and Places of Interests

  Central Luzon

  Central Luzon: Provinces, Capital, Population and Land Area

General Information


Additional Information

Additional Info 1 – National Symbols

Additional Info 2 - Geographic Divisions and Number of Registered Voters Year 2010

Additional Info 3 - Geographic Divisions and Contribution to the 2008 Gross

  Domestic Product

  National Anthem Info

  Images Links


Part II


A Short Listing of Filipinos, the People of the Philippines

Filipinos: Past and Present, Part I

Filipinos: Past and Present, Part II


Philippine Heroes and Heroines  (A)  and  (B)

The Filipino: A Proud Heritage

Introductory Notes on Philippine Heroes and Heroines

(Philippine Heroes and Heroines B)

Andres Bonifacio: Profile of a Filipino Hero

Notes on Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan

Chronology of Events in the Life of Jose Rizal

Bonifacio and Rizal: Of Oil and Water and Men of Conviction


Filipino Culture  (A)  and  (B)

National Symbols of the Philippines

Banaue Rice Terraces

Three Philippine Flowers

Filipino Culture on Philippine Stamps

National Public Holidays

National Celebrations and Commemorations

(Filipino Culture B)

Filipino Greetings

Useful Words and Phrases and Simple Sentences and Questions

Filipino Proverbs and Sayings


Philippine Education


Constitutional Bases of Philippine Education

Some Legal Bases of Philippine Education

Provisions on Education found in Three Philippine Constitutions


Part III


Text and Photo Blog Documents


Part IV


Photo Gallery: Philippine Places

Philippine Places A-E

Andres Bonifacio Monument, Araneta Center, Ayala Museum, Baguio, Eastwood, more

Philippine Places F-Q

Angeles City, Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Malolos, NLEX, Pasig River, Quezon Memorial, more

Philippine Places R-Z

Metro Manila and Quezon City, more

Calabarzon, Central Luzon, Central Visayas, Ilocos Region, more

Baler, Chocolate Hills, Clark Field in Pampanga, El Nido, Hundred Islands, more

Philippine Landscape and Seascape, more


Part V


Photo Gallery: Hobbies and Interests, and Christmas

Christmas in the Philippines: Year Albums, Belen, Faith Expressions, more

Conservation: Mammals - Birds, Carabao, Tarsier, etc.

Flowers of the Philippines: Bougainvillea, Gumamela, more

Tours and Sightseeing: Sightseeing, Educational, Provincial Tours


Part VI


Country Profile and Various Topics


Part VII


Inspiration, Acknowledgement and References

Christmas in the Philippines
Christmas in the Philippines

 Hearts Philippines

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